What is LISTEN?

LISTEN© is our analysis and implementation methodology. Our analysis process involves , yes, a workshop. However, unlike a traditional workshop methodology where we face a death by overheads after first couple of hours, we take a different approach – we do not use any presentation after first ½ hour.

Incremental benefit in first six months and then every quarter


Instead we work with the participants and everyone participates – we participate as active LISTENers. And these are the steps (Learn- Investigate- Stimulate- Tabulate - Enumerate - Net) we follow. Our workshops include KJ analysis, perceptual map development, conjoint analysis and related techniques.

As part of LISTEN, we conduct a current state assessment focused on current state architecture, governance, quality, business processes. Outcome of LISTEN workshops is used to build a future state roadmap focused on tool selection and recommendation, master data roadmap, project and information governance model and data quality initiative.

Five golden questions - hard evidence analysis

For each business problem statement, we ask the following five questions and delve into details to tabulate quantified responses.
  1. How do you measure it?
  2. What it is now?
  3. What would you like it to be?
  4. What is the value of difference?
  5. What will be the benefit over time? (2-3 years)
With LISTEN we build an implementation business case for stakeholders and decision makers showing implementation benefit in net dollar terms. Following is an example for a hi-tech client implementing an organization wide information as a service model.
LISTEN cash flow analysis