The business problem of creating a common set of customer, product and financial attributes to which an enterprise can agree upon has existed for decades. With rising global exposure, constant mergers and acquisitions, and use of social media has put customer experience as the expected outcome of a successful master data management implementation.


However, the one intractable problem hindering improved customer experience is the fact that applications have different definitions for the same business data across lines of businesses. Besides, the existing Integration Technology is inadequate to provide a 360 degree view of master data and establish a mature data governance framework (federated ,centralized or hybrid).

EIM MDM Framework


EIM MDM framework leverages the industry leading practices in the MDM domain. The framework consists of strategic components that are key to a successful MDM implementation which include MDM Hub, Data Quality Management, Integration Layer, MDM Admin application, Metadata Management, Master Data Lifecycle management, Governance and Change Management.