Integrated Enterprise using Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA)

In today’s SOA world integration can be deceptively simple. Now life cycles are becoming shorter as the business requires more integration with applications both within the corporate domain and external applications of a SAAS nature. How do you keep your SOA integrations extending in a logical and easy to maintain way?

At EIM, we consider SOA to be a combination of Business and Technology. Our founding partners have established successful Integration practices in global consulting organizations including big-4 management consulting firms and got recognized by Forrester and other authorities.

seven soa steps

Our SOA Strategy offering focus on building a synergy between an organization’s business and technology need, build a phased maturity model and a governance and error management framework.

Our Offering provides a platform to answer key questions for SOA adoption and to develop an achievable roadmap. We help our clients through each step and ensure target results are achieved.

EIM way of SOA implementation

We implement SOA in two ways - either as a standalone integration project or as a part of larger solution footprint. In either case, we use our LISTEN framework to implement the SOA solution. Our implementation model starts with end state business flow analysis, determine reusability of processes to reduce implementation cost and build a repeatable framework that can be expanded into multiple business units.

SOA is best adopted, not with a big bang, but rather as an incremental journey through various levels of adoption across the organization.

We begin with a proof-of-concept project, followed with a pilot, and then moving through iteration after iteration, each delivering defined and measurable business value.

For each iteration we address the fundamental questions (why, what, how, and when) around identifying the key business requirements (KBR).

By incremental implementation, our clients move closer to realizing an over-arching strategic vision with incremental return on investment.