Connected Customer

Information is becoming the most valuable information asset of any organization. Therefore, implementation of a successful enterprise wide information framework has a direct positive impact on the Return of Investment (ROI) and results into an efficiency improvement of various transactional processes across organizational boundaries.

Irrespective of the industry - let it be manufacturing or high technology or media and publishing the focus is on understanding customer’s sentiment and buying pattern.

Focus today is on providing contextualized service, build a social engineering and monitoring framework, converge structured and unstructured data and finally unlock the revenue potential of information by establishing interdepartmental information-as-a-service model.

Building your information DNA

Significant transformation is required to both the business and IT to put the focus on ‘Right Information, Right People, Right Time’ rather than “features, functions and service”. At EIM we help our clients to make:
Information DNA

  • Information-based decision making ia core part of the corporate DNA

  • Focus on driving change in business outcomes through effective leverage of information

  • Enterprise view of information across organizations, and extending to customers and suppliers

  • Executive focus on the development analytical capabilities as a core competency and competitive differentiator

  • Quantitative analytical and intelligence capabilities