Multi party logistics management

In today’s diverse and dynamic business world it is a very common scenario for businesses to finish a specific business cycle by involving 3rd parties (often multiple of them) in real time. To improve ROI and faster turn around time, it is necessary to have a synchronous flow of information between the manufacturer and the transportation agency in a pre-determined format.

Considering the fact that Supply Chains are increasingly global in scope and electronic communication between multiple parties is most critical, EIM offers a solution that provides a real time cross protocol communication capability.

EIM’s connected supply chain empowers manufactures to

connected logistics

Create products in realtime reducing hosting cost

Increase component reuse

Standardize part number and provide intelligent part numbering through the enterprise

Study customer interaction to build smaller product sizes

Our solution lets clients communicate among multiple parties using previously agreed upon electronic data interchange format (EDI, HIPAA, RosettaNet) over Internet using latest web service technology. In flight security is enforced through industry standard practices such as WS-security, message encryption and so forth. For more details, please contact us.

WEEE/ROHS Compliance


In January 2003, the European Union adopted the Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment [Directive 2002/95/EC] (the “RoHS Directive”) and the Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment [Directive 2002/96/EC] (the “WEEE Directive”).

The objective of these Directives is the protection of human health, and the environmentally sound recovery and disposal of WEEE. These new directives ensured an additional corporate responsibility towards overall sustainability. These compliance needs now require a blend of strategic and technology expertise across areas of B2B commerce, environmental compliance, unified product strategy and so forth.

At EIM, we provide ROHS and WEEE advisory services as part of Corporate Product Information Management for our North America Clients who sell products in Europe.