Media and publishing industry is a $2T market. Onset of digital content production and distribution, rise of capital expenditure, impact of social media on revenue stream has forced media and publishing houses to focus on four C’s - Connect, Customize, Converge and Collaborate - to provide tailored contents to the customer.


Today content producers and providers are rushing to increase competitive advantage through creative use of technology capabilities to create market-leading digital products and services and expand existing customer base with innovative products, services and renewals.

Content management/ Semantic tagging:

Over last couple of years, we have seen a significant number of media houses migrating their printed information into digital media. While this is very exciting, this brings a new challenge – the challenge of developing new sellable digital media by sifting through the scanned content.

And this is exactly where semantic tagging helps in developing a reusable content management strategy. Using semantic tagging an organization can identify the contents, classify them, and develop new product bill of materials faster. This helps in overall production cycle and a reduced concept-to-launch timeline.

At EIM, we have built a solution, EIM Innovation-to-Cash framework, to deliver
  • Increased customer loyalty through social collaboration
  • Cross channel shopping experience with better outcome
  • Personalized product information with guided recommendations
Our clients include publishing houses, digital map provider, subscription based movie services, satellite communication and so forth.

EIM has received Oracle Titan Award Honorable mention for Innovation-to-Cash