Amazon like shopping experience for patients is key for healthcare industry

US Healthcare market spend is going to be around $4 Trillion by 2015 and is rapidly becoming a consumer dominated market. More than 2/3rd of the MCOs are registered in preferred provider organization (PPO) programs allowing consumers to “shop” for their healthcare needs. This has created a consumer focused healthcare market.

In such a market, with a strong peer competitive pressure and tech-savvy consumers, Healthcare organizations are aligning their Business and IT organizations and innovating as a whole to reach & retain their customers.

One possible way to do so is to give the customer the option to shop and compare information and give them the decision-making capability.

EIM has a solution for pharmacists, payers and providers.

EIM Unified Patient Master provides

patient hub

Single source of information and history of patients, prescriptions, providers

Integrated disease management tools to orchestrate care coordination/education

Communicate automatically and socially with patients/citizens, family members & care-givers

Measure & report on the effectiveness of promotions & campaigns

Our expertise includes Sun Consumer-Centric Healthcare model, healthcare customer model, outpatient and Lab process flow design, NHIN and related. We have implemented integration framework based on enterprise service bus technology using protocols like X12, IHE, NCPDP, XML, EDI etc.